Peppermint Oil Mice Repellent Natural and Easy Method

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You might want to use peppermint oil mice repellent as one of the method to get rid of the mouse from coming into your house effectively and easily. Some people might think that it does not work, but actually it can work if you do it properly. Of course the condition of your house environment will also play a huge role in whether this method is work or not. And you will only discover that once you really try the method in your house and not. Thus you really need to try it first and not only trust people on whether the method is effective or not since it varied based on the condition.

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Mouse Rodent

How to use Peppermint Oil to Repel Mice

If you want to use peppermint oil for mice, then you should know that this essential oil will not kill the mouse. Instead it will only repel and making the mouse running away from the house. Thus this method is good to be used for mild infestation where there is very little infestation or when the mouse is still trying to get inside your house. Thus if you have more serious infestation, then you might want to do more dramatic measurement such as using traps or poison and even help from exterminator when it is already worse.
Now when it comes to removing a few mice that running around your house, then the key is to know what smells do rats dislike. Since you can actually remove the mouse from inside the house, by using smells that the mouse dislikes until there is no mouse in the house anymore. This is why peppermint oil is a good method to use.

Why Using Peppermint Oil to Remove Mouse from Your House?

Peppermint Oil Method img
Peppermint Oil Method

Now you must be asking how does peppermint oil repel mice so this method can be effective to use. Actually the smell of the peppermint oil is great since it can hide the pheromone trace that the mouse left behind when they roam around your house. The pheromone trace is actually used by the mouse as navigation so they will know where they can go around. Especially since the mouse prefer to go to areas that they familiar with so they will feel safer. But the strong smell that the peppermint oil creates will make the mouse feel insecure thus moving to avoid the smell.
Furthermore the smell that the peppermint oil creates is actually able to irritate their nasal cavity. Especially since the mouse has very sensitive sense when it comes to smell. Thus the strong smell that the peppermint oil creates actually irritates the mouse even though it smells smoothing for human. That is why; they will try their best to avoid the area where the peppermint is strong.

Spray Method to use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil Spray Method img
Peppermint Oil Spray Method

If you want to know how to naturally keep mice away using peppermint oil, then you can try to use the spray method. This method is easy to use; all you need is to prepare a spraying bottle then fill it with water. Lastly you need to drop some peppermint oil into the bottle then shake it to mix them with the water. Now you can try to spray this mixture all around your house into the area where it is possible for the mouse to enter your house.
This method is preferred since it is easy to create the mixture and you only need a few drops of pure peppermint oil uses inside the mixture. Furthermore, you can use this method to a more open area, where there are larger space to cover. To keep the effectiveness of this method, then you need to reapply the spray every day. And the best thing is, this spray will make your house feels fresh because of the peppermint smell.

Cotton Ball Method to use Peppermint Oil
Peppermint Oil Cotton Ball Method img
Peppermint Oil Cotton Ball Method

The next method to use is by using the cotton ball. This method is a little bit tricky since you need to put the peppermint oil into several cotton balls. Then you can put the cotton balls into several areas where the mouse loves to more around the house. The key is to use enough cotton balls so it can create peppermint smell that is strong enough to remove the mouse from the area. The reason why several people think that this method is not working is because the cotton ball that they use does not have strong enough smell to remove the mouse. But if the smell is strong enough then this method will work perfectly for you as natural mice repellent.
Besides using the cotton ball, you can actually use peppermint pellets, toothpaste or other items that have strong peppermint scent with the same method. Furthermore, you also need to remember to replace the cotton ball every few days when the smell is already gone so this method will still be effective to use. If you forgot to replace the cotton ball, then this method will not be effective anymore since the scent that the mouse hate is already gone.

Buying the Right Peppermint Oil
Buy peppermint oil Walmart img
Buy peppermint oil Walmart

You might be asking where to buy peppermint oil so you can use these methods that we mention above. Actually; when you ask where to buy peppermint oil Walmart is the easy answer since you can find various brand of peppermint oil in the store. But do not forget that you need to purchase one that is 100% and pure since only then the peppermint oil can create strong enough smell to remove the mouse from inside your house. Do not purchase fragrant oil since it will only good as fragrance but the smell is actually not strong enough to be used on this method. Now once you have the right oil in hand, then you can try to use this method to see if the method is working for your house condition or not. Try several other oils if turns out the old oil do not create strong enough smell to be used with this method. Several trial and errors might be needed before you can see the effectiveness.