Guide in Using Mouse Poison Method Effectively

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Mouse poison can be use if you have serious mice infestation in your house that you need to take care of with effective but easy method. But of course, you should remember to use the mice poison properly since there are some danger that you need to be cautious about. That is why; before you even try to use this method in your house, you need to learn a lot of things beforehand so you can use the method properly and avoid any possible danger that might come with this method. Do not worry as if you use the method properly, then this method is actually very effective, hence why the method is very popular method to be used by a lot of home owners.

The Development of Mice Poison throughout the Year

In the old days, the mice poison is not effective as what we have right now. Even the best mice poison is only able to kill them very slowly. Even with that, the mouse will need to eat the poison several times for the poison to be effective. Then once the effect is accumulating, the rodent will die after a few days of ingesting the poison. However, with the new active ingredient technology that the current mice poison have. Then the current mice poison only need to be ingested one time for the poison to be effective.

Gnaw Marks Area img
Gnaw Marks Area

The Active Ingredients inside Mice Poison

The best mouse poison should use active ingredients that effective to kill the mice once it is consumed by them. There are various active ingredients that can be used inside the poison. But they are all separated into two large categories such as:
– Anticoagulant
This is the first active ingredients category that a lot of poison that is used for rodents have inside. There are various chemical that works as anticoagulant such as diphacinone, warfarin, bromadiolone, and many others. This active ingredients will then disturbing the ability of the blood to clog, which will lead to internal bleeding. Then it will make the rodents died because internal hemorrhages.
– Non anticoagulant
The second first active ingredients category is the poison that is non anticoagulant meaning that this poison does not have anticoagulant as the active ingredients. Since there are various active ingredients that can kill the mice even though they are not function as anticoagulant, thus there are several of rodent poison that can goes under this category.

Mouse Eating Poisoned Bait img
Mouse Eating Poisoned Bait

Non Anticoagulant Mice Poison Example

If you want to know more, then we will give you several examples of mice poison that work under the non anticoagulant category. There are a lot of rodent poisons that can go into this category such as:
– The rodent poison that uses bromethalin as the active ingredients which will affect the rodent nervous system in the brain as well as the liver. This poison will cause the accumulation of sodium inside the cells of the liver as well as buildup of fluid inside the brain. Then the rodent will be killed within hours after they ingest the poison.
– The rodent poison that uses cholecalciferol as the active ingredients which basically a form of vitamin D that is soluble in fat. This poison will cause the number of calcium inside the blood to be increased thus leading to liver, kidney as well as heart failure. The work of this poison is a little bit slower compared to the previous rodent poison example we mention above. However, it still effectively killing the rodent within one day after they ingest the poison.

Mouse Poison Bromethalin img
Mouse Poison Bromethalin
Guide on How to Use Mice Poison

Usually the best mouse bait product is sold in chunk, bars, pellets, or block which packed individually to keep the product freshness. And using the poison method is actually a lot cheaper compared to using traps. Furthermore, you do not need to check them every day and even learn how to set a mousetrap which might be difficult for some people. Of course, both method can still be used, but now let us talk about the poison method first before we move into bait method later.
The mouse poison method is best to use in area that is bigger and area where you cannot use the mouse trap method such as construction side, shed, hanger, and many others. However, you should know that the mouse is actually able to learn whether the bait is poisoned or not and they will avoid it. That is why; you need to do pre bait method which is to put bait that does not have any poison in it. Thus you need to know what do mice eat before using this method. This will make the mouse to think that the bait is not poisonous and will then ingest the real bait with poison that you will put later on. if you try to put poison in area where there is limited water source, then you might also want to try and using liquid poison.

Mouse Poisoned img
Mouse Poisoned
Guide on How to Use Mice Trap

Now another method that you can use is the mouse trap method. This method is especially effective if you do not want to have dead mouse lying around somewhere within your house. If you want to use mouse trap, then you can use any type of trap that you have including homemade mouse trap. But of course you need to figure out the best bait for mouse trap so this method would be more effective than before. The myth that using cheese as bait is not as effective as it used to be. That is why you might want to use peanut butter as well as chocolate as the mouse trap bait since the rodent will love those foods. Remember to set several traps at once, even when you use multi-catch one to increase the probability of the mouse getting trapped inside.
All in all, both method using poison as well as trap is all effective, all you need to do is to know which method that works best for your house situation since not all house have similar problem.