How to Get Rid of Mice Using Fast and Accurate Method

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You must want to know how to get rid of mice especially since this creature is always on the run ruining things in your house. Not only it is destroying your things, but it is also often eating your food and does various other things that might annoy you. Not to mention that it also brings a lot of diseases with it which make it important for you to remove it from your house to protect your family member. However, getting rid of them might not be as easy as it sound as you need to do a lot of things to make sure there is nothing left behind by them which will give other problem in the future.

Why mouse comes into your house?

You must be wondering how do you get mice in your house since you do not know where they coming from. Actually the mouse can come entering your house from any crack or opening and gabs which is very small that often presence in the wall, pipes, floor and many others. And even the gab in your doors or windows is actually big enough for them to enter your house even though you might not think it is. Because of the shape of their body, they would be able to fit into the smallest crack possible.
Usually the infestation is starting during the fall season since it is the time where the outside temperature is starting to be drop, thus they need to find a warmer place to stay. And your house is not only offering warm for them to stay but also food for them to eat. Thus there is no other perfect place where they choose to stay. That is why you need to learn what attracts mice in your house so you can prevent them from coming inside.
But first you might want to know what are the signs of mice in your house areas so you can figure out whether there are mouse inside your house or not. It is actually pretty easy to spot the signs of mouse inside your house. First you can find several droppings of the mouse where they often visit. There should be some urine odors that left behind and you will be able to found several holes that they gnawed and they might even left behind several marks and rub from their gnawed. If you stay up at night, then you might even able to hear some of their noises that they make when they are running away from you. If you are lucky, you might even find their nest hidden somewhere. If you have pets, then they might be showing some behavior that is unusual since they can sense the mouse presence.

The Mouse Reproduction and Natural Behavior

Mouse Natural Behavior img
Mouse Natural Behavior

You might be wondering how long does a mouse live, since you always see them around thus you might think they live for a long time. However, they actually only live for a few years, but as they can breed very fast, then you will be able to see them around almost anytime. But the one that you see might not be the same mouse. Their gestation period is only 19 days to 21 days long and in one birth they are able to give birth for around three to fourteen mice. This is why; they are very dangerous pest when they infest your house since they might be breeding and multiply in a short time. Thus it will be hard for you to get rid of them when they already settle and breed frequently.
About their behavior, you might be wondering do mice come out during the day since you never see them during the day. You should know that the mouse is nocturnal, which means they prefer to do their activity at night. Not only that, night time makes it difficult for you to see them around, thus they can freely roam around the house in anywhere that they want. However, you should be worried when you can see the mouse even during the day. This can be a sign that the infestation that happens inside your house is already major. Especially since, they would not be out from their hideout during the day, except they are forced to do so. There are various reasons why they might be forced to go out from their hideout during the day. For example, if their hideout is already too crowded thus there is not much space for them to stay inside anymore. This makes them have to go out from their hideout to find a new place for them to stay. This means there are a lot of mouse that hiding inside your house which able to force them to go out during the day to find a new hideout. That is why; it is important for you to prevent this thing from happening before it is too late. Then that leads us to learn on the method that you can do to remove the mouse from your house.

Close Any Point of Mice Entry

If you want to learn how to keep mice out of your house, the first thing that you can try to do is to remove any point that the mouse can use to enter your house. It is important as your house might have an entry that makes the mice very easy to access it. This is why you always see some of them running around inside your house, even though you think that everything is clean and tidy. Even when there is no mouse inside your house for now, you still want to do this so your house would not be the next target of invasion.
Then how to get rid of mice in walls? Remember that the mouse is actually able to squeeze their body into the smallest possible opening which you may think it is impossible for them to fit their body inside. They might even able to fit into an opening that is only a quarter of 1 inch or bigger. If you want to know whether an opening is big enough for the mouse to squeeze their body inside, then you can test it with a pen. If the pen is big enough to fit into the opening, then chances are the mouse will be able to squeeze their body inside.
Do not forget that you need to seal any opening not only in your wall but also on difficult to reach area such as the vents and even utility pipes. Then what deters mice in garages? You can try to seal any crack that you found in those places using caulk and steel wool. However, do not use anything that is made using wood, rubber or plastic since the mouse can gnaw them very easy, thus they can enter the opening right away. For the opening in your window or door, you can try to install weather strip, and do not forget that you should ensure the sweep of the door will be closed and sealed with the threshold for when you close the door.

Use Natural Mouse Repellent

If the above method is work as method to remove the mouse access point so there is no other mouse that can access your house, then the next thing that you need to do is to repel them so they would not want to enter your house anymore.
One of the best mouse repellent is to use strong smell. Then you might wonder do bounce dryer sheets keep mice away? Actually the bounce dryer sheets will only be effective for a couple of days; however, it would not be effective for long. Of course, this does not mean other natural method that uses smell will not be effective. Especially since the mouse is very sensitive to smell thus they would not like to have very strong chemical smell in their environment. Actually all you need to do is to put an item that has very strong smell into area where they might use to enter your house. Thus you can also prevent them from entering your house using this method. Then what smells keep mice away? Do not worry as there are several home remedies that actually effective enough to be used as the mouse repellent.

Moth Balls
Moth Balls img
Moth Balls

If you are wondering what the best way to get rid of mice in kitchen is, then the answer would be to use moth balls. As you know, the moth ball is a common household item, thus you must have some stored in your kitchen. But do not only store them away as this item can actually be used to remove the mice from your kitchen. Furthermore, this method can be used for the long run. Then do moth balls keep mice away? They do work to keep the mice away, but you need to remember to keep replace them with a new one once the smell begin to subdue. Then you would be able to use this method in the long run. All you need to do is to put several of the moth balls in an open containers, then spread the containers on area where you think the mouse might be hiding. Then you will see that they will go away from the area where you put this mouse repellent.

Ammonia Remove Mouse Pheromone img
Ammonia Remove Mouse Pheromone

When you learn about how to get rid of mice in the house, then you might be hearing about ammonia. This is another item with very strong smell that make the mouse running away since they think that this smell is similar with their predator’s urine smell. Thus they would be afraid to enter the area where their predator often visits. The method that you can do to use this liquid is also very easy, just pour some ammonia inside several glasses, and then spread those glasses in area where you think the mouse might be going through it. Since the glass is open, then you actually need to be very careful in putting the glass in any spot. Especially if there is pets or children around that might accidentally knock them or worse to consume the liquid.
Then how to keep mice away using this ammonia in safer method? The precaution method that you can do is actually to wipe the ammonia around the areas where the mouse frequently visits. The ammonia is also a good cleaning agent, so you can do two jobs in one using this method. As you know the mouse often left behind very unpleasant smell once they visit the place. This smell is actually making them feel comfortable and attract them to visit the place again since they also left behind some pheromone to attract other mouse. Thus you need to remove the smell right away using the ammonia.


If you ask what essential oils repel mice effectively, then the answer would be the peppermint. Now let us learn how to get rid of rodents using peppermint since this method is very popular and a lot of people have used this method in their house. Then how does peppermint oil get rid of mice? To be effective, then you should remember that you need to use peppermint oil which actually already formulated specially to be used as mouse repellent. They need to be 100% pure oil to be strong enough to repel the mouse away. Furthermore, you also need to use suitable amount, thus you need to at least use 5 drops of the oil into one cotton ball. Then you can put them around the area, which the mouse uses to enter your house.
How do you get rid of mice in the house using peppermint? This method is actually effective to prevent the mouse from entering your house. But it would not be as effective for the mouse that already living inside your house. Furthermore, you need to remember to replace the cotton ball once every two until four weeks. Then can you spray for mice to not come into your house? You can also try to create a spray using the peppermint which you can mix with water inside a spray bottle. Then you can try to spray the liquid all along your hallway or entrance so you can prevent the mouse from coming inside.

Electronic Repellers
Electronic Repellers img
Electronic Repellers

You might be wondering how do you get rid of mice in the attic since it is a closed environment. You must have heard about several electronic repellers device that is sold in the market. Then you might ask do electronic pest repellers work on mice or not? Actually the electronic repellers work in very limited distance. As you know this electronic device are actually using ultrasonic sound to repel the pest away. And it is very effective to be used on mouse since mouse also communicates to each other with ultrasonic sound. Thus they can actually hear the ultrasonic sound even though you as a human cannot hear them. And when there are the repellers device that create ultrasonic sound, it will be disturbing for them. However, the sound that is created in by this electronic device cannot go beyond walls and your furniture can block the sound from going around. This it is effective but it only covers small areas which makes it difficult to use if your house has big areas.

Mouse Trap img
Mouse Trap
Killing the Mouse

You might be wondering; what is the best way to kill mice, since there are a lot of methods that you can actually use out there. Actually the best thing that you can do is to set up traps which are also very common to be used inside the house. When you ask on how to catch a mouse fast, then the most frequent answer is to use bait. However, try not to use poisonous bait, especially when you have pets or children around since it may actually be dangerous if it is done used properly. Then what attracts mice to a trap? Try to use peanut butter instead since the mouse love eating this item.
Now if you want to know how to get rid of rats in house fast? Then you may also try to use glue trap which will be effective if you place them in the right location. The glue trap will trap the mouse if the mouse whole body is caught thus they cannot free themselves, and then they will eventually die from hypothermia. Or you can also consider using zapper, even though this might be cost more than the other type of device since you need to provide batteries for the device to be effective. This zapper device works by trapping the mouse inside the enclosure that the device have, then use an electric shock which is lethal enough for the mouse to die.
In all and all, all of those methods we mention here are effective on certain conditions. That is why; you might need to do some experiments to know which method that would be more effective for your condition.