How to Get Rid of Mice Naturally in Simple Way

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You might want to learn how to get rid of mice naturally since this method is safe and non toxic especially if you have pets or children around the house. Do not worry as the method is also pretty effective, thus you can still use this method to remove the mouse out of your house. Furthermore, it is simple to use as it is also harmless for both human and pets so you can feel safe and not worry too much about the danger. Here are several things that you can use to remove the mice from your house using the more natural method.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil jpg
Peppermint Oil

The first thing that you want to try to use is the peppermint oil since the mouse actually hates the strong scent that this oil has even though most human will love the scent. To use the method is very simple; all you need is peppermint on cotton ball for mice to run away from your house. You can then put the cotton ball into areas that becomes their entry point including the cabinet inside your kitchen. If you want something more effective on the long run, then you might want to plant several peppermint plants outside your house perimeter. This will keep them from coming into your house for sure.

Vinegar Spray

Apple Cider Vinegar img
Apple Cider Vinegar

Another homemade mouse repellent that works best to remove the mouse from your house is by making vinegar spray. This spray will make the mouse leave your house since they hate the smell. This vinegar mice repellents also easy to make all you need to do is to mix ACV with water in 1:4 composition. Then put them into a spraying bottle. Now you can just spray the vinegar all along the hallway or the entry point used by the mouse.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda img
Baking Soda

Do you know that you can make your own ‘poison’ in easier and safer ingredient by using baking soda? But then what does baking soda do to mice to kill it? The reason why baking soda can kill the mouse is because it can create a lot of gas inside the mouse body. And you should know that mouse actually cannot eliminate the gas inside their body, thus it can eventually kill them once the gas accumulates to certain point in their body. This is why; you can try to use the baking soda which will increase the gas inside the mouse body when ingested. Thus you can try to add baking soda to homemade bait and put it on place where the mouse usually hunts for food so they will consume and ingest it which eventually will kill it. Try to add some salt to the bait that you create. But can mice eat salt? Actually; the mouse love to eat salt then having more salt in your bait will attract them to consume it.


If you are asking does bleach keep rats away? Then you should know that mouse hate the smell of bleach as much as human hate it or even more since mouse has very sensitive nose. That is why bleach can be used to keep rats away from your house since it is the best way to catch a mouse without a trap. What you need to do is to mix the bleach with some water to reduce the intensity, and then just spray them all around the area where the mouse like to roam around. Ensure that you leave some area for the mouse to run outside if you suspect the mouse is already inside your house. Furthermore, the bleach is actually a good antibacterial solution that you can also use to clean your house. Thus if you have a surface that is safe to use the bleach on, then you can also use the solution to clean your house since mouse usually carries a lot of bacteria.

Removing Mouse from Your Bedroom

You might be wondering how to keep mice away from your bed since it is the private room where you want to be safe from anything including the mouse. Then the key is to keep your bedroom clean. Do not eat in the bed or anywhere near your bed inside the bedroom. Do not keep trash inside the bedroom since it will attract mouse to hunt on the trash can. And of course, you can also try to keep your pets inside the bedroom since it will scare the mouse away from inside your bedroom.

Bottle Trap DIY
Bottle Trap DIY img
Bottle Trap DIY

If you want to have more humane way to get rid of mice and rats, then you can try to do DIY project by making bottle trap. Furthermore, this method is cheap but also effective, thus you can create it whenever you want. You can try to make this bottle using old coke bottle then put it on area where the mouse are running around. Try to add some bait inside the coke bottle so it will attract the mouse into the trap. Then once they are trapped, you can put them away in more human way.

Tips to Keep Mouse Away from House

Actually if you want to know how to repel mice from house easily, then you can try to keep your house to be clean. Try to remove any trash from inside your house and clean everything once you done cooking or eating. Do not forget to seal any holes that might leads into your house so there is no way that the mouse can use to enter your house. Do not disregard even small holes and crack since chances are they might be able to enter your house even when you think the hole is small enough. Then use the above items to help you in preventing the mouse from entering your house. It may take some trial and error to find which item that works for your house since there are various conditions that affect the result. Try to use more than once method at once to see the immediate result and difference from those methods.