How Do Cockroaches Have Babies?

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What is in your mind when you hear about cockroaches? Most of the people, especially women will be frightening when seeing this animal. Though it looks small and it cannot bite them, they will run when a cockroach comes to them. How many babies do cockroaches have at one time? Nobody knows where these cockroaches come from and why they are in your house. Maybe, your house looks too dirty so it makes the cockroaches feel comfortable. In this brief article, we would like to talk about baby cockroaches and how a cockroach has babies.

Cockroach Metamorphosis

Somehow, you have no idea how an adult cockroach gives a birth. How often do cockroaches have babies? Well, you need to know that cockroaches do not have perfect metamorphosis in their lives. The metamorphoses of cockroaches only have three phases in sequence. The first is egg phase, and then nymph phase, and adult phase.

When we talk about the regeneration phase, afemale adult cockroach may produce some eggs that will be stored in a capsule. The cockroach will bring the capsule before the eggs hatch. Meanwhile, after one or two months pass, the cockroach will be ready to hatch its eggs and it will place the eggs in a safe location. In one egg capsule, there are about 32 eggs that are ready to hatch. So, an adult cockroach will have 16 up to 32 nymphs at one time.

How Do Cockroaches Have Babies

Getting Rid of Baby Cockroaches

How to get rid of baby cockroaches from your house? Somehow, baby cockroaches do not look cute, but they look disgusting. The baby cockroach size is also relatively small and it is not interesting. So, you need to get rid of these baby cockroaches from your house to avoid some disease. You are recommended to use a special spray product which is really effective to kill baby cockroaches.

The Danger of Baby Cockroaches

The baby cockroach is just the beginning before the baby becomes an adult. A baby cockroach size is still small and it is dangerous when it enters your ear. There are so many cases where some people get baby cockroaches in their ears. When the baby cockroach grows adult, they usually defecate in your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Their dirt smells bed and it may cause allergy. Fortunately, you still have a chance to get rid of baby cockroaches using cockroach spray safe for babies. So, you must not ignore it and hunt some cockroaches in your house and then get rid of them.

Well, when the cockroach becomes adult, the cockroach may produce some eggs as many as 8 up to 20 times before the cockroach finally dies in its lifetime. An adult cockroach may only survive for 200 days. Therefore, when the cockroach is still baby and the nymph still look small like a bed bug. That’s why you are recommended to get rid of them immediately anytime you see a nymph using a cockroach spray safe for babies. It is also important to make sure that your home is clean because cockroaches may only like to live in dirty areas.