How Big Are Baby Cockroaches?

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Usually, the word “baby” in the animal kingdom is associated with cuteness. This is not the case for baby cockroaches, though. Have you ever seen hissing roach babies? They are not cute. Not at all. If you ever see a baby cockroaches in your house, it is an indication of bad news.

In this article, we will tell you the size of baby cockroaches, particularly dubia, hissing and American cockroaches. We will also tell you what it means if you see a baby cockroach in your house and what you can do about it. First, let’s talk about the size of baby cockroaches.

Baby Cockroaches Size

We will tell you the size of three cockroaches: hissing cockroaches, dubia cockroaches, and American cockroaches. The size of baby cockroaches is tiny. While they are tiny in size, baby cockroaches are visible and are hard to miss.

  • How Big Are Baby Dubia Roaches?

How Big Are Baby Dubia Roaches

Among the three we talk about here, baby dubia roaches have the smallest size. The size of baby dubia roaches is only 1/10 inches.

  • How Big Are Baby Hissing Cockroaches?

How Big Are Baby Hissing Cockroaches

While hissing cockroach is known for its large size, the size of their babies is small. The size of baby hissing cockroaches is only 1/4 inches.

  • How Big Are Baby American Cockroaches?

How Big Are Baby American Cockroaches

The exact size of baby American cockroaches is not known. This is because baby American cockroaches don’t go out until they mature, so sighting is not common. That being said, they are likely to be less than half an inch long.

Baby cockroaches are not that different from their adults. The difference is that baby cockroaches are not yet fully developed. They lack certain features of adult cockroaches. For instances, baby dubia and American cockroaches don’t have wings. Adult hissing cockroaches don’t have wings, but they have horns on the back of their head which their babies don’t have. Also, the color of baby cockroaches is lighter and without markings while the adult is darker with markings. The body of baby cockroaches is soft as well, unlike the adults’.

What Does Baby Cockroaches Sighting Indicate?

As we have said earlier, baby cockroaches sighting is an indication of bad news. Let us explain. If you see a baby cockroach, that means there are adults cockroaches in your house reproducing. Of course, the baby cockroach you just saw is not the only one. Cockroaches reproduce quickly. Each egg contains tens of babies. If you don’t react quickly, you will have a heavy infestation of cockroaches.

What You Can Do

Your only option is to get rid of them. You need to kill those cockroaches off immediately. Remember, cockroaches reproduce so fast. You won’t have time to find a friendlier way to remove them. You have two ways to do it. One, you get rid of them by yourself. Or two, you hire a professional exterminator to do it for you.

The former is your best option if you are tight on budget. However, you need to do it properly and thoroughly if you want to get rid of them and avoid recurrence. The latter, however, will have better result since the removal is done by a professional. Which one you choose is all up to you.