Guide to Use Mouse Trap Effectively

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Mouse Trap

Mouse trap is considered to be more human method that people can use when they want to have effective way in facing mice infestation in their house. Of course, that does not mean you cannot use mouse poison since there are also some people that combine both method together by putting the mouse poison into the bait inside the trap. As always to be able to do this method effectively, you still need to learn a few things. This method can do the work effectively and even quickly only when you do the method correctly. Now let us see further information about this mice trap.

Types of Mice Trap to Use

There are various types of mice trap that you can use, but for now let us use the more humane method which is the live mice trap. These types of mouse traps are more humane as they will keep the mouse alive inside the trap and not killing the mouse when it enters the trap. Here are the best mouse trap types that you can use:

– Steel Cage
Mouse Trap Steel Cage img
Mouse Trap Steel Cage

As the name suggested, this best mouse traps for home type is made using steel and it really resemble cage for the shape. But do not worry as it is lightweight so you can easily set it up anywhere you want. This type of mice trap is good since you can see whether there is mouse inside the trap. Furthermore since the size is bigger, then there would be more room for the mouse to move around even once they are trapped inside. You can easily clean the trap and then reuse it again with the same effect.

– Plastic No-See
Mouse Trap Plastic No-See img
Mouse Trap Plastic No-See

This type of mice trap is made using plastic and best use for those who do not want to actually see the mouse once it is trapped inside. Since the shape is actually very slim and small, then it is very compact and easy to use for those who want to have more discreet type of mice trap. You can also throw away the trap once used but you can also try to reuse it again.
Of course, you do not need to always use the trap to catch the mouse since there are various methods. Then how to catch a mouse without a trap? You can actually try to use mouse glue trap which do not use trap, but those two trap type is more effective.

Where to Put the Mice Trap to Be Effective

You should know that the mouse usually only go within a small range thus you need to put the mice trap inside that range to be effective. But the challenge is to find the range itself which usually only around area with 10 feet as the diameter. And you can try to do that by identifying several sign that the mice is around the area such as:

– Look for gnaw marks which usually available on the food or surface.
– Look on your wires and wall for smudge marks.
– See if there are some mouse droppings in several places.
– Look for the mouse nest or sign that they are nesting somewhere near.

Usually the mouse will be moving around the wall and use it as their moving guide. That is why; you need to put the tomcat mouse trap in the same surface level with the wall. Put it in area that is closer to where the signs that we mention above is sighted.

Choosing the Best Bait for the Mice Trap

Mouse Trap Peanut Butter img
Mouse Trap Peanut Butter

Now the next challenge would be how to attract a mouse out of hiding. Most people when thinking about mouse then they will think to use cheese as the bait for the mice trap. However, this bait is no longer effective since the mouse do not like them as they used to be. That is why; you need to use different bait for the victor mouse trap that you want to use. Now you must be asking what the best bait for the mice trap that you can use is. Actually the best bait that you should use for your mice trap is peanut butter since it is fatty, and high in protein as the content. It is also light enough and you can spread it around the trap easier. Thus you can spread it on area that needed to trigger the mice trap function.
Then now where you should spread this bait so it can trigger the mouse trap tomcat function? If you are using steel cage as the mice trap, especially one with two doors on the trap. Then you need to spread the peanut butter on trigger plate directly since it is the one that can trigger the mice trap function. Meanwhile if you are using plastic trap which actually using balance to trigger the mice trap function. Then you need to spread the peanut butter on the very back part of the trap so the mouse weight will trigger the door of the trap to be closed. To invite the mouse so it will come inside the traps, then you might want to spread some of the peanut butter on the entrance of the trap. Just a tiny bit will be enough for it.

Setting and Monitoring the Mice Trap

Once you have all of the things that you need and know the place where you need to put the mice trap in, and then now you can try to set in the mouse trap. This might look like mouse trap game, but actually it is very important step that you need to do. Especially since the mice trap is actually sensitive since it needs to react to the small mouse touch, thus you need to leave the trap alone once it is set somewhere. Do not forget that you also need to monitor it once it is set since you want to know whether there are mouse inside or not. So pay attention whether the door of the rodent traps is closed or not. If it is closed then there might be mouse inside so you need to handle it right away.