Does Bleach Kill Cockroaches? Remove Cockroach from Inside Your House

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Does Bleach Kill Cockroaches? Remove Cockroach from Inside Your House
You might be wondering does bleach kill cockroaches since this chemical has a lot of usage, thus you might be able to use it to remove the pesky pest. The truth when you ask about question like does bleach kill roaches, it actually kills the cockroaches. However, that does not means you jump immediately and use it to kill all of the roaches that you find hiding in your house using the harmful chemical. Since you should know; first whether the chemical is truly effective to remove the pest from inside your house. Or you only grasping in the thin air when trying to use the chemical.

The Answer for Question Can Bleach Kill Roaches

You already know that there are various brands, of beach that available in the market such as Clorox. However, most of them have quite similar active ingredient list which means the brand does not matter when killing the roaches. The problem that comes when you asked about does clorox kill roaches or not is on the effectiveness of the usage. Actually using any brand of bleach is not very effective in killing the cockroach. The reason is in order for the roaches to die from the active ingredients inside the bleach, and then you need to drawn the roaches inside the harmful chemical. Another method that needs to be use for the method to be successfully killing the roaches is when the cockroaches are drinking the bleach chemical. That way, the chemical will enter the roach’s bodies and they will ingest the chemical which will eventually kill them.
However, both methods seem to be impossible to be achieved. As you know beaches has very bad smell and the roaches can sense it. Thus even though they do not know if they will be died from drinking the poisonous chemical, the chance for them to actually consume the chemical is very low. Thus there is no way the harmful chemical can enter the roach’s bodies and they will ingest it.
That leaves us on the other option where the cockroach needs to be drawn inside the bleach chemical. Of course, that not as easy as dropping the roach inside a cup full of the bleach. Instead the method that you can use is by spraying the roaches so they will be drawn in a pool of bleach that you spray on them. What you need to do is to purchase a handy sprayer then fill the whole bottle with the bleach. Then you can spray the cockroaches whenever you see them.
The problem on this option is that you can only effectively do the method on a cockroach that you actually see and that is it. However, when you see one cockroach then the change is you will have hundred more hidden somewhere. That is the real problem that you need to cope with and not just the single cockroach that you see. And you would not be able to drawn them all using the bleach that you have, thus you still need to find alternative methods that are more effective to remove the real problem instead of handling just the single cockroach that you see.
The next problem comes from the bleach itself, as you know bleach will ruin any surface that comes in contact with them. Thus when you spray the bleach all over the place, then it may discolor a lot of things in your house. Sometimes, you might not even realize that you have use the sprayer to spray on your favorite carpet because you are in panic condition when trying to spray the cockroach. Surely you do not want that to happen, thus it is another reason why; you need to find other alternative methods to use which would not ruin your furniture, carpet, floor and even walls.

Does Bleach Kill Cockroaches img
Does Bleach Kill Cockroaches

Other Method to Use on a Single Visible Cockroach

Then how do you get rid of cockroaches with other methods? Before going too deep into the other cockroach that hiding inside your house, then it would be better that we find a method that you can use on a single visible cockroach first. Of course, the method should be better than the bleach that you want to use above which will ruin other things that came into contact with it. Surely there are other methods that you can use which are as effective as the bleach but safer to use.

Soap Water or Lysol Sprayer

If you really like the spraying method, actually there are other things that you can use to spray the cockroach without destroying other things in your house. The first one is soapy water since soapy water kills roaches even though it may take a while to do. The soap will be attached into the cockroach skin which makes them unable to breathe thus they will eventually died from being suffocated. You can use any kind of soap that you have in your kitchen or bathroom even Lysol since Lysol kills roaches. To use the soap, all you need to do is to put some of the soap inside a spray bottle then add some water inside. Shake the bottle to mix the soap with the water then you can use it to spray the cockroaches that you see. For the Lysol, then you can directly use it without mixing it first with water, thus just put it inside a sprayer that would be handy to use.

Raid Sprayer as Insecticide to Kill Roaches

Raid Sprayer as Insecticide to Kill Roaches img
Raid Sprayer as Insecticide to Kill Roaches

Another item that you can use to kill the roaches is raid sprayer which actually an insecticide that is sold freely. Then what is in raid that kills roaches? There are quite a lot of active ingredients inside the raid that is used to kill the cockroaches such as pyrethroids, permethrin, as well as piperonyl butoxide for the roach killer. Meanwhile their other type of product also contains various active ingredients such as tetramethrin, imiprothrin, as well as cypermethrin. Those ingredients in the list are very effective in killing the roaches thus raid chooses to use it. Furthermore using raid is also very simple since the product that sold already available inside a sprayer, thus you can just use the product to directly spray any cockroach in sight.

Rubbing Alcohol Tips from Professional Exterminators

Next item that you can use to kill the roaches is rubbing alcohol since it is actually able to kill the cockroach. This rubbing alcohol roaches killing tips is even shared by professional exterminators since the method is quite effective to use. All you need is to put the rubbing alcohol into a sprayer bottle then add some water inside. Shake to mix the ingredients then spray them to any cockroach in sight.

Borax to Kill Cockroaches in Storage

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Borax to Kill Cockroaches in Storage

You might be asking where do cockroaches hide in the house since there are various dark places which the cockroaches can hide. Then where do roaches live in your house? Sometimes they even live and hide in area where you store your food since your food also becomes their food source. That is why; you need more effective but safe method that you can use to kill the cockroaches that hide in dark places such as your storage. And the method that you can safely and effectively use is by using borax. Actually borax has prophylactic effect which is very strong thus it can kill cockroaches effectively in short time. That is why people want to know how to get rid of roaches with borax.
Actually using this item is very easy since you can use it in dry condition or wet condition thus you can use it in any area where the cockroach might live. If you want to use it in dry condition, all you need to do is to sprinkle them on the areas that you do not want the cockroaches to come. However, you can also try to dilute the borax using hot water if you want to use it as in wet condition. All you need to do is to put some of the borax inside a spray bottle then add some hot water inside. The hot water will easily dilute the borax thus you only need to shake the bottle to do it. Then you can start to spray the borax liquid into any area that you do not want the cockroaches to come. The borax liquid will then dried out leaving behind some borax residue. The residue itself is not detectable by insect thus it can effectively kill the cockroaches. Furthermore, it is not harmful to human so you can safely spray them anywhere you want.

Natural Method to Remove Cockroaches

If you want to use more natural method, then you can try to use essential oil to make the cockroach avoid your house. However, do not use lavender since even though cockroaches don’t like lavender, but it does not make them go away. Then how to keep roaches away while you sleep? Instead of the lavender, you can try to use something such as citrus oil, bay leaves, as well as peppermint oil. It is true that sometimes people also combine lavender oil inside the mixture. However, that is because they want the mixture to also remove insect and not because the cockroach do hate them.
The most effective natural method that you can do on a single visible cockroach is by hitting the roach. It is effective and easy to do, and you do not even need any preparation to do it. But you might be afraid and asking do cockroaches bite people. Actually it is very rare for the cockroach to bite human since they will be busy to flee away from you. However, even when they do bite you, then it would only cause minor injury. The spot that they bite might become irritated which will cause some swell and lesion. It is very rare, but some bite might cause infection since the cockroach itself is filled with bacteria. Thus if on a rare chance that you are getting bitten by the cockroach, then immediately clean the wound and apply first aid treatment to care for it.

Method to Remove Cockroach in Drain

Sometimes you are wondering can roaches crawl through drain, then comes out in your shower or bathroom. Then the answer is yes, they can. In fact, they often do this since the drain is wet and humid, thus they really love hiding around the area. So now whenever you see them inside your house, then you do not even need to ask where do cockroaches come from in the house anymore. Especially since, they can easily come into your house by using the drain as an easy access.
Then what do you pour down the drain to get rid of cockroaches? Actually there are various things that you can pour into the drain to remove the cockroaches. However, do not get tempted to pour bleach into the drain since this chemical will actually damage your pipe since it is very acidic. Actually simple water can easily do the trick without damaging your pipe which may cause other problem in your house. Then do cockroaches die in water? Actually the cockroach love water, thus they love to stay near a water source which is why the love to stay nears your drain area. However, if the water that you pour down into the drain has high temperature, then it can actually make them die. So what temperature kills cockroaches? If you want to kill the cockroaches using this method, then you need to use boiling water since it has the highest temperature. The high temperature will be easily killing the cockroach so you only need to pour a lot of boiling water into the drains inside your house.

Tips to Remove Cockroach from Inside Your House

The last tip that we want to share to effectively remove the cockroach from inside your house is to make sure that you clean your house. Do not forget to make sure that all of your food containers are tightly closed.