Do Baby Cockroaches Fly?

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Most women will scream when they see cockroaches in their bedroom because cockroaches really look disgusting. When the time comes, an adult cockroach will find a safe place to put its egg capsule to hatch. The egg capsule usually contains more than 30 baby cockroaches which are called nymphs. Can a baby cockroach fly? In this article, we would like to talk about if a baby cockroach can really fly and how to get rid of baby cockroaches effectively.

The Physical Appearance of Baby Cockroaches

Before you get the answer, you may need to know the physical appearance of baby cockroach in general. Anyway, a baby cockroach may look like a bed bug when it was just born. It looks very small and it gets bigger every day. The baby cockroach will turn into dark brown color but it still has no wings yet. Since it does not have wings, a baby cockroach has no possibility to fly yet until it becomes adult. Meanwhile, it only takes four weeks until a baby cockroach becomes an adult cockroach. Now, you get the answer in which a baby cockroach will not fly but it can run very fast.

Do Baby Cockroaches Fly

The Dangers of Baby Cockroaches for Health

Why do you need to pay attention to baby cockroaches? You have to know that a baby cockroach is still small and it may find a narrow place. In addition, some baby cockroaches may also live under your mattress. Usually, when you are sleeping at night, these baby cockroaches will come out and they want to find some foods. Thus, they may enter your ear but you do not notice it. Once a baby cockroach enters your ear, it will make your earhole hurt and you must go to the doctor to get rid of the stuck baby cockroach. Therefore, you have to be careful and always check your bedroom.

Getting Rid of Baby Cockroaches from Home

How to get rid of baby roaches naturally? It is quite difficult to get rid of baby cockroaches from your house because they are relatively small and unseen. When you see some nymphs under your mattress, you may consider them as bed bugs, but they are actually baby roaches. So, the only natural way to get rid of these nymphs is by cleaning up your house regularly or at least once a week. You need to check your bathroom because baby cockroaches may like some wet areas. If you do not want baby roaches to get into your bathroom, then you have to clean up your bathroom every day. Baby roaches may also stay in your kitchen cabinet or they may also stay under your mattress.

Well, can baby cockroaches fly? The answer is “no” because they still have no wings yet but it can run very fast. Usually, these baby cockroaches will stay in narrow areas to hide before they are getting adult. When they become adult, their wings will grow and then they can fly as they wish. So, before there are so many flying cockroaches in your house, you need to get rid of them.