Cockroach Eggs Identification and Growing Period

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You might not know but identifying cockroach eggs is also important especially if you want to get rid of the roach from your house completely. The cockroach itself is very nasty creature that sometimes invades your house and makes you question where do roaches live inside your house. Since they are very cleaver in hiding, you might need extra effort to know the place that they hide to live inside your house. But first, you need to also know what do cockroaches look like so you will be able to identify them easier. Furthermore are various species of cockroaches that can invade your house.

Knowing the General Cockroach Appearance

Cockroaches usually have oval shape and their body is also flat. At first glance, you might not notice that cockroach actually have six spiny legs which is very long that they use to run very quickly in any kind of surface around your house. Meanwhile their head is small in size and then covered using pronotum that act like a shield. The mouth of a cockroach is directed more backward and down on their head. There is some cockroach species with wings that located flat in their back, however not all of them are using their wings to fly.

german cockroach with egg sack attached
german cockroach with egg sack attached

When it comes to the size, female cockroaches are usually larger in size compared to the male cockroaches.  There are some species where the male have the wings and the female does have them. The roach egg will be stored inside roach egg case which is the oothecae. The oothecae have dark brown color and oval in shape. Meanwhile the cockroach larvae have the same appearance with the adult counterpart. However their color is more on the pale side compared to their adult counterpart. They will molt a few times before they turn into more mature adult.

Various cockroach species also have several differences in their appearance. For example the German cockroaches have brown color and their length is around 13 mm to 16 mm. meanwhile the Oriental cockroaches usually have larger size and their color is black. Then the American cockroach have more or brown reddish color and they are considered to be one of the largest length domestic cockroach species that people found today, in fact their length can go up to 40 mm. Meanwhile another cockroach species is the Pennsylvania wood which have around 20 mm for their length, the adult male of this species have tan body color.

The Growth Stage of Cockroaches

Cockroach Laying Egg Sack img
Cockroach Laying Egg Sack

The cycle of the roach begin when they are forming the egg inside the egg sacks which actually very resilient. There is varied number of egg inside the egg sack which actually depends on the species of the cockroach that laying the egg sacks. The egg is hatching because there is a lot of pressure which combined with the roach larva inside the egg. Furthermore, the time for the egg to hatch from inside the egg sack also varied depends on the species of the cockroach.

cockroach egg hatching time
cockroach egg hatching time

The roach larva that comes out inside the egg is also having very similar in appearance with their adult counterpart. The difference is on their sizes which actually very small and they usually do not yet have their wings even though their adult will have the wings on several species. There are several molting stages that the roach larva has to go through before they will grow into a full adult. Only after their last molting stage, in when they will get their wings. However, there are some cockroaches that still do not get wings even when they are already become adult. Furthermore, once the roach larva does their molting stage, their color will become pale. That is why; some people that see a roach larva that recently do their molting stage might think that the one they see is an albino type of cockroach. However, their color will actually start to become dark within a few hours thus they will have their right color once again.

Then how long do cockroaches live? Actually each cockroach that has grown into their adult stage will be live around one year long period, but still each species have different lifespan. There are various things that will affect the survival of the cockroach such as the condition in their environment as well as the temperature. That is why to answer your question about how long does a roach live then you need to pay attention on the environment in which they are living.

What needs to be notice is that once the cockroach become adult, they can do the reproduction very quickly. They are also nocturnal creature that living by scavenging. If you see a cockroach during the day, then there are a few possibilities that cause it. First they might need to come out since their hiding place is already too overpopulated. Second they might need to come out because they are looking for food as well as water.

The Cockroach Reproduction Period

cockroach egg sack
cockroach egg sack

Even though the cockroach often live in hundred of cockroach in their colony, however, they are individual insect. Which means there are no queen cockroach in the colony thus all female cockroach can become pregnant. A pregnant cockroach will create cockroach egg sack to store their eggs. This is also the first step for their reproduction process which sometimes people considered as gestation process even though it is not. Gestation process is more when the female carries the younger in their uterus. However, female cockroach does not have any uterus, thus they cannot do the gestation process. That is why they create the egg sack to store the eggs as the replacement for the process.

Then can cockroaches lay eggs? Instead of laying their eggs, the cockroach will put their egg sack in a hidden place that considered being a save place. The egg sack will stay hidden in that place until the eggs are ready to hatch. However, German cockroach will not put their egg sag anywhere. Instead they will carry the egg sack which will be attached on their abdomens area. There is also other unique method of keeping the egg sack safe. This is one by Madagascar cockroach which actually still keeping their egg sack hidden inside their body. They will do this until the roach larvae is ready to comes out, thus this create an illusion as if the cockroach is giving birth to the larvae even though they actually not and they only comes out from the egg sack.

Identifying Various Cockroach Eggs

If you ask can you see roach eggs? Actually you will not directly see the cockroach egg instead you will be able to see their egg sack. Each cockroach species will have their own egg sack, thus you can identify their variety from their egg sack then you might want to figure out how long does it take for an egg to hatch.

Then what do roach eggs look like that is stored inside the egg sack? For the brown banded species of cockroach their egg sack will have light brown reddish color and their length is usually around 5 mm. The female from this species type is able to product as much as 20 egg sacks for their whole lifetime. Then from inside each egg sacks there would be around ten to eighteen cockroach embryos. It will take around three months until six months period for the roach larvae to fully develop then become adult cockroach.

For the oriental roach eggs is stored inside egg sack that has dark brown reddish color and their length is usually around 8 mm to 10 mm. If you see the egg sack they have appearance which makes them a little inflated, and inside the egg sack there would be around 16 eggs. The female of the oriental cockroach species will put the egg sack in a hidden place until they are ready to hatch. The female from this species type is able to product as much as 18 egg sacks for their whole lifetime. How long does a roach live from larva until they become adult? It will take around 600 days period for the roach larvae to fully develop then become adult cockroach. However the time period may vary according to the condition that they experience in their environment.

german cockroach img
german cockroach

Lastly the German cockroach eggs which stored inside the brown color egg sack and their length is usually around 6 mm to 9 mm. For this cockroach species, the female will not put their egg sag anywhere. Instead they will carry the egg sack which will be attached on their abdomens area. They will do this until all of those eggs are ready for the time to hatching. Inside their egg sacks usually there are around 50 eggs. Then how long does it take for a cockroach egg to hatch? Usually it will take around 103 days period for the roach egg to fully develop then become adult cockroach. As you can see, the number of eggs that available inside the egg sack is actually a lot more compared to the other roach species. Furthermore the time period that the egg need until they fully develop then become adult cockroach is also faster. This makes them able to increase their population really fast.

The Growth Period of Roach Larva

Once the roach are coming out from the egg and hatch then they will be called as roach larva or nymph. When they are first coming out from their eggs, their color is actually bright white the first time. Then they will begin to grow larger because of the air around them that they intake. They will also start to become hard which make their color become darker too. This process is usually happen only hours after they are coming out from their eggs. There are some experiments recently that show that food which available within 12 hours period from when they are coming out from their eggs is actually very crucial for their growing period.

After the roach larva become darker in color, they are usually begun to appear brown grayish. Their color will also continue to be darker with every stages of their molting period. The larvae development period that they do until they become adult cockroach is actually varied for each species. However, usually the period will take around months up to year’s period. On the appearance sake, the roach larva is actually very similar to their adult appearance. but they still need to do several steps of molting period until they become full grown in their last molting period where they will be in a full adult form.

For example is the German cockroach which will have around 3 mm in length when they are coming out from their eggs. They will then start to become hard which will turn their color into uniform dark color. But you can still identify this roach larva from the light patch which actually visible in the back part of their body. The one patch that has light color will continue to become even pronounce in their second until their third stage of molting period. Meanwhile the larva of an American cockroach will have more brown grayish color that will continue to be reddish in each of their molting period. For the brown banded species of cockroach their larva will have two bands which located in their body. The color of those bands is usually light golden to black color.

Tips on Removing Cockroach from Your House

Once you know all of those information, then you might be asking how do you get rid of cockroaches? Then you need to try and sealing all of the possible way that the cockroach used to invade your house. That includes the cracks in your walls, doors or windows as well as the drain and plumping inside your house. Then you need to clean your entire house and set up a few traps on the place where you think the cockroach might be crossing. It will take time and effort to remove the cockroach completely from your house.