Baby cockroaches

Cockroach Baby

Cockroach babies are those leftovers from when a cockroach and its eggs have hatched. Although they are generally referred to as “corms,” cockroach baby usually do not die until they reach about two to three inches in size. If you have ever seen a cockroach living under a porch or beside a window, you may have been wondering how these tiny insects make their way from house to house. The cockroaches leave an oily trail that can be traced back to their origins, usually found along or around the baseboards and crawl spaces of homes. 

Cockroach Baby’s Habitat

Cockroaches tend to live with dampness – this means dark, moist areas like underneath the eaves of a house or in the corners of rooms and basements. There are several stages in the cockroach life cycle, and once these cockroaches have hatched and fled to the outdoors, their movement is slower than usual. A cockroach baby, also called a nymph, cannot survive the entire length of its life cycle in the outdoors. It will begin to crawl about inside its victim’s home, seeking shelter under furniture, walls, and cabinets. It will eventually turn into an adult. While the life cycle is happening, the nymphs and other cockroaches living in the same environment reproduce rapidly to replenish themselves. In a few weeks, this new and returning population of cockroaches is ready to produce once again.

Extra Features of Cockroach Baby

If you see what appears to be a cockroach baby, but its features are more like that of an adult, then you have German roaches. They may appear in different colors, but the most common color is grayish-brown with black dots on their backs. Bugs that have a grayish-brown color on their backs have already reached adulthood. If you find German roaches, you might want to consider exterminating the entire household because they can reproduce rapidly.

Cockroaches do not usually leave the eggs until they are approximately two to four inches long. You cannot see the nymphs of cockroaches if you do not know what type of cockroach it is. A cockroach with an Asian cockroach baby looks like an adult cockroach, but it has small black dots on its back that signify an infant cockroach.

Cockroaches have wings that cannot be seen because they are covered with wax, so it is best to determine whether or not a cockroach is an adult or a baby by looking at its color. If you find a brown cockroach about one inch long, it is most likely a cockroach baby because it still has its red coloring. However, if you find a cockroach longer than about three inches, it is most likely an adult cockroach. Other characteristics to look for including the absence of wings or two wings on the same side.

If you have found nymphs or cockroaches in your house, don’t panic just yet. They are only developing and are not ready to fly yet. They are more likely to come back, later on, to finish creating and mature. If you find an infestation in your room, all you need to do is make an appointment with a pest control company and let them handle it for you. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of the bed bugs because when the baby cockroach develops, they will all die off, leaving behind the adult ones, which are easier to kill.

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