Do You Know, Facts About the Average Cat Lifespan

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We will discuss abaout cat lifespan here. What factors play a role in how long the cat lives? Cat’s life expectancy depends on various circumstances, especially diet, health and the environment. Many studies have concluded how long cats live outdoors and indoors.

What is the average life expectancy of an indoor cat

According to data we have collected from ASPCA, the age of cats that live in the house and are well cared for ranges from 13 to 17 years. But it all depends on each cat. There are even cats that live up to 20 years.

What is the maximum life of a cat

In some cases domestic cats can live up to 14 years. Interestingly pure breeds tend to have shorter lives than mixed cats. The life of a stray cat is full of threats such as accidents with vehicles and disease and attacks from other predators. One more thing cats have a high level of fighting in the wild environment this is because one of them is the small amount of food available in the wild.

cat lifespan picture
Cat lifespan

What is considered old age for a cat

By the time the cat reaches 11 years old, the cat is considered old. This has also been influenced by redefinition in recent years. Whereas at the age of 11-14 years they have been classified as senior cats and aged 15 years and over enter the criteria for geriatric cats. Take good care of your cat, especially when they enter the elderly, as you care for your parents.

How old is a 10 year old cat

As a parable, it is when humans are 10-15 years old like cats at the age of 1 year first. The next period is like humans at the age of 25 years as well as 2-year-old cats. After that the development of cats every year is like human development per 5 years.

What are the symptoms of a cat dying

– Extreme Weakness
– Appearance Changes
– Clinginess/Odd Social Behavior
– Loss of Appetite/Thirst
– Lower Body Temperature
– Hiding