Baby Cockroaches in Bathtub

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Do not think anything about baby cockroach and you enter your bathroom as you usually do. Then, you realize something is not right. There is something in your bathtub. As you take a closer look, you realize it was baby cockroaches. Yes, not just one. You wonder baby roaches in the bathtub why. Well, you came to the right place. Here, we talk about this kind of situation, what is the species of these cockroaches as well as how you can force them out, not just from your bathtub but also from your house.

Why Can You Find Them in Bathtub?

baby roaches in teh bathtub

Why there are baby roaches in my bathtub? The reason is water. What cockroaches seek in a place are water, food, humidity, and temperature. In this situation, your bathtub provides water, humidity as well as temperature for them. That said, not all cockroaches harborage in a bathtub. So, what is the species of these baby cockroaches then?

The Species

baby roaches

The baby cockroaches you find in your bathtub are likely to be of American cockroach species. American cockroaches are commonly found in damp areas. Including, floor drains, dark basements, sewers and yes, bathtub. This applies both to the adult and the babies of American cockroaches

How to Get Rid of Them

The method to get rid of baby cockroaches and adult cockroaches is basically the same. First, keep in mind that cockroaches are nocturnal animals. This means that they shy away from bright light. You can use this to your advantage. If you find baby cockroaches in your bathtub, you leave the light in your bathroom turned on overnight. Doing so will deter them.

Secondly, you will need to thoroughly clean your bathroom. Even better, thoroughly clean your house. Dry the surfaces of your bathroom, seal all holes if there is any and don’t leave standing water. If you have a leak, fix them immediately since leak can also be a water source for cockroaches.

Cleaning the places that cockroaches enjoy

If you do not want cockroaches in your home and baby cockroaches spread around every corner of your home, the same principle applies: clean your house thoroughly with daily routine. Do not leave puddles, fix leaks, cover all holes and clean up all food scraps and crumbs.

Third, you can use pest control products to get rid of cockroaches and their babies. You can use insecticide spray, insect bait, and dust. For insecticide spray, apply them to entry points. For example, if you see cockroaches in your bathtub, spray near the bathroom’s door or windows. For insect bait, you can use them for crawl spaces. As for dust, sprinkle them on the path where the cockroaches are traveling.

This “professional cockroach exterminator” is good enough

Fourth, you can hire a professional exterminator. This is a good option since a professional exterminator will know how to assess the situation and what to do about it. The downside is that it will cost you more money compared to if you do it yourself. Cockroaches need to be eradicated completely, which will more likely happen if you hire a professional exterminator.

Seeing a single baby cockroach may not seem harmful at first. However, that single baby cockroach is an indication of a bigger problem: Infestation. If you see baby cockroaches, regardless of the where it is, be it your bathtub, kitchen or any other places, you should act quickly to so the problem will not get bigger.