Baby Cockroach in a Bathroom

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Have you ever found baby cockroaches in bathroom?  When you hear about baby cockroaches, you must be thinking that they look cute. Unfortunately, nobody wants to see these small cockroaches at home because they look disgusting. The emergence of baby cockroaches in your bathroom always has a reason. Perhaps, your bathroom looks so dirty and that’s why adult cockroach prefers to hatch its egg there. So, how to prevent baby cockroaches from coming to your bathroom? Let us find out some tips to make your bathroom free from baby cockroaches.

Tips for Getting Rid of Baby Cockroaches

  • Find the Baby Cockroach Parents

One of the baby cockroach types that you may see in your bathroom is a baby German cockroach. This baby cockroach looks so small like a bed bug. It looks disgusting when you see in the bathroom. So, how to get rid of baby cockroaches from your bathroom? Simply, you can use fire or use a special spray. Somehow, the most effective way is to make sure that the baby cockroach does not come again is to kill the mother. Once you see an adult cockroach, then you can hit it with something hard.

Baby cockroach in bathroom

  • Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

You have to know that cockroaches will only come to a dirty and wet area. If you do not want to see babyroaches in your bathroom, then you apparently need to clean your bathroom regularly. If possible, you are recommended to clean the bathroom every day. An adult pregnant cockroach will find a dirty and wet area to hatch. So, your bathroom can be its place to hatch. But, if your bathroom looks clean and dry, the cockroach may not come to the bathroom and find other areas.

  • Use Borax as the Safest Way

Many people may use boric acid or borax that you can buy in many drug stores or groceries at affordable prices. You only need to use boric acid powder and just sprinkle in the water area such as toiler, tub, sink, and other suspected areas. You can also put some borax under the bathroom door and on the window to prevent it from getting inside. Most of the newborn Germanroaches will die when they are exposed to the borax. If you apply borax regularly, then you can kill the entire cockroaches in your house, especially the cockroaches that want to hatch in the bathroom.

Well, those are three effective ways to prevent tiny baby cockroaches from coming to your bathroom. If you have see some baby roaches in your bathroom, you need to get rid of them immediately before they are getting adult and they will regenerate. Overall, preventive action is a better way to make sure that your house is free from cockroaches because they may cause some diseases and allergies. Any types of cockroaches are not good, so you have to oust them from your house. In this case, the cleanness of your house is the most important key so that no cockroaches will come to your house anymore.