Baby Cockroach Identification

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A baby cockroach is often mistaken for other insects, be it bed bug or ant. If you want to get rid of them, you need to identify them properly. In this article, we will help you with baby roach identification, particularly German cockroach. Why German cockroach? Because this species is one of the most common to infest houses. Also, due to its small size German cockroach can squeeze between even the smallest cracks to enter your house. Even more so with their babies.

Adult and Babies German Roaches Characteristics

There are some slight differences between adult and babies German roaches. Below are the characteristics of each.

Adult German Roaches

  • Have a long, slender body. The length of adult German roaches is about 1/2 to 5/8 inch while the width is 3/16 inch.
  • Have a light to medium brown color
  • Have two short stripes across its body

Baby German Roaches

  • Size less than 4 mm
  • Have a round shape, which turns into a teardrop and finally oblong shape
  • Have a dark brown color

Basically, the main difference between the adult and the baby is their size and shape. Their color is also different but not as noticeable as their size and shape.


At first, the baby cockroaches like to stay near the egg. Since they don’t have wings yet, they can’t fly. When they do develop wings, they will go further to hunt for food as they grow. German cockroach nymphs will try to hide as well. They like to go to a moist area, where there are food, water and proper temperature for them.

Before they reach adulthood, baby cockroaches will undergo several molting processes. During this process, the cockroach sheds off their skin. During this period, they will have a white color. It takes about 4 months for baby cockroaches to reach adulthood.


To help you better identify them, we have pictures of baby German cockroaches. For examples

pictures of baby German cockroaches

What do you think? Do you find something resembling German cockroach babies picture above? If so, you should be concerned. German cockroaches multiply rapidly. This means you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Why? Because giving them more time can result in a heavy infestation, which we are sure you don’t want to have.

How to Prevent German Roaches Infestation

As we have said earlier, German roach looks for a moist place where food, water, as well as proper temperature is available. If you want to prevent infestation, you need to clean your house. You need to make sure that there is no leftover or crumbs in your house. These things are often overlooked, but a thorough cleaning will solve it.

As for water, remove any standing water in your house. You will also need to fix any leak in your house as well since leaks can be a source of water for cockroach. Lastly, eliminate clutter in your house. Clutter is often used by roaches as their harborage, eliminating them will prevent roaches to create a home in your house.

The presence of baby cockroach can indicate infestation. If you act quickly, you can stop them even before they become a problem.